At this point in the challenge, I had complete a third of the careers. Frequently thrown under the bus of poverty, constantly under the yoke of bad moods, it was amazing that I hadn’t had a single Dead-End Sim. Thankfully, my pace to progress was about to experience a revolution.

The joint powers of Keisha and Evangeline’s peaked careers was game-changing. Suddenly I was no longer limited to inviting only one other Sim to join the family each generation. I no longer had to scour the street for a likely Wastelander, someone young enough to stand a chance at narrowly succeeding to bring this challenge one step closer to completion. I no longer had to perform manic juggling maneuvers between raising children to their full potential, and ensuring their elders went to work in the best possible mood under the worst possible circumstances.

Now, I could look through a catalog of highly trained operatives. The Gallery had opened its doors, and they were a beacon of hope to my Sim-addled brain.

Meet August, a highly skilled Sim by BoshtetN7.

07-10-15_10-38 PM

I immediately set him into the Astronaut career, with plans to make him the Interstellar Smuggler to Sally’s Space Ranger. She had no time for romance, of course. Her father and uncle were getting up there in years, and she needed all the mentoring she could get.

07-10-15_10-51 PM

Brice didn’t didn’t need any mentoring, but he still took the time to bond with his uncle Antony in meaningful ways.

07-10-15_3-33 PM

I was getting pretty worried about Antony. While his twin had achieved Hall of Famer status before there was grey in his hair, Antony was still one level short of peaking his bodybuilding career. His life had been longer than most of my Sims, due to his allegedly healthy, active lifestyle. I thought he was doomed when he went to work with a full life meter.

But sure enough, he came home as my Mr. Solar System. Goodnight, sweet prince.

07-11-15_4-04 PM

It wasn’t long before Keisha and Ryker followed him to the afterlife. I was down to a house of 4.

Which meant I could bring in The Girls.

07-12-15_5-22 PM-2

These are Maimouth’s Mean Girls sans CC via CrazyShan123.  I sat and pondered what these teenagers would be best suited for in the apocalyptic wasteland. Karen would be a Barista. Gretchen would go into Fast Food, Regina into Retail, and Cady into Manual Labour (sorry, Cady, but you seemed the least likely to care about breaking a nail). Soon I was going to have pizza and coffee and it was going to be magical.

Around this time Sally finally looked beyond the weights and saw the man breaking a sweat across from her in the gym. A coy glance here, a flirtatious gesture there, an encouraging smile from her father’s voyeuristic ghost, and before we knew it…

07-13-15_11-53 PM

07-11-15_11-16 AM

07-12-15_9-00 PM-2 07-12-15_9-00 PM-3

07-13-15_11-34 PM

07-13-15_11-35 PM

Ah, love. Those space voyagers really know how to do it.

Between school and short work hours, The Girls took their time peaking their careers. Poor August. I’m not sure if he’s more sad about having fish tacos for dinner (again) or the endless gossip polluting the living room.

07-13-15_10-29 PM

But oh, that sweet day of victory finally arrived. In rapid succession the four teens polished off their careers, unlocking a multitude of petty abilities that I never realized I used so much as when I couldn’t. Hallelujah, we could do the shopping on a Tuesday! Grady loves the smell of freshly brewed Earl Grey in the morning.

07-13-15_11-14 PM-2

Since the four were no longer needed and were just taking up valuable space that could be occupied by other, qualified individuals, I put them in the basement.

And by basement I mean dungeon. Sorry Cady. You did great.

07-13-15_11-46 PM

One by one they… disappeared. But I had to keep the household to capacity if I wanted to be free of this challenge. So, Sally was soon expecting. But neither of us were expecting twins! (I wonder if going into space had an effect on the pregnancy). Lala and Sandra. By this point I had cleared all the really impactful careers. The ones I had left, while they may have made a big difference early on in the game, didn’t matter so much now. I decided that Lala would become a Secret Agent while Sandra would be an author. Still, it would take a while to raise them. Once again, the Gallery provided someone to help speed things along.

Denice (“Natural Beauty” by suvd) has a gift for music. Every wasteland needs music, it keeps up the moral. Fallout taught us that by playing Louis Armstrong while we crawled through ghoul infested subway tunnels. There’s Denice now, she’s the redhead.

07-15-15_9-59 PM

Brice finally became The Boss and celebrated his birthday on the same day. Lucky guy; he’s one the few who will actually get to enjoy some sort of retirement.

07-15-15_10-17 PM

Sally and August soon followed in peaking their careers. Followed by little Grady becoming a Supreme Villain. Good thing too, he’s getting pretty old… Hey! Wait a second! This career branch actually has 11 levels?! Did Pinstar ever address this?? (He did, you just have to go through his answers in the comments). Through gritted teeth, I held off my Epic House Reno until he was promoted to Triple Agent, just in case.

When August croaked he had the biggest funeral in Sim History. Who knew he was so popular, the whole neighborhood turned out.

07-17-15_8-08 PM

I brought in another one of BoshtetN7’s creations: Desmond. Master Mixologist to be.

07-17-15_7-46 PM

Desmond was already fairly skilled, so by the time the twins were grown he had already peaked his career. He and Sandra hit it off, and soon enough they had their very own Jerome. He would grow up to be a painter.

Grady finally made it to Triple Agent. I was so excited; I had big plans for making my Wasteland Sanctuary a true bunker. I kept the outside of the house mostly the same, but completely revamped the inside. I spent hours on it. It was the most fun I had had in generations. I’ll save you before and afters, and skip right to the afters of the house overall and my new and improved basement (you know, that big room crammed with skill equipment that I never show you).

07-19-15_11-49 AM

07-19-15_11-50 AM-4

Each room of the basement is designed to evoke a suitable mood, and each is equip with the corresponding skill equipment. That tiny room between the gym and the studio is just a zen-bath, though. Below the basement is still the dungeon, same as ever. See, there’s Desmond and Gerome enjoying a focused game of chess!

07-19-15_5-11 PM

Gerome soon had a little brother, Misha. He would be an Investor when he grew up, so that they could sell his brother’s paintings. Denice peaked, and I maintained my momentum by importing one of my own creations at this point too, Stella Evans, who would be a Patron of the Arts.

07-19-15_5-21 PM

And… that’s it. I stared at these latest three. And I knew. I knew that it was a pointless circle. I had gotten my last high from the recent reno. To peak a career in Sims 4 requires so much micro-managing of mood and skill building that it had killed all joy I had for the game. I write this final post in October, but I last played Sims in July. Three months ago. I had pushed myself to finish the challenge so hard that I felt like a kid after they eat all their Halloween candy when they get home (and I’m talking trick-or-treating scores like I used to get, at least two pillowcases full).

Pinstar, thank you for developing a series of challenges that I have played since Sims 2. This challenge was satisfying at first, giving me a real thrill when I beat the odds and my family survived another day. But eventually, that thrill was negated with easier conditions, and then altogether outweighed by the tedium of promotion-chasing.

I think I’m done now.

Happy Simming,


Sleepybirchtree’s final score: 20 out of 25 careers.


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