In our last episode, all of the career-pursuing adults in my family had died off. All I had to work with was a retired-Babysitter and his three teenage siblings. It was time to add another member to the family. I immediately sent Dante out into the night to speak with the neighboring Wastelanders.

05-01-15_5-45 PM

Since I had so many Sims and had unlocked Management (which meant I didn’t have to worry about carefully timing pregnancies to avoid missing work), I wasn’t too concerned with finding someone young on the YA meter. Apparently it was Formal Night out on the street, and Dante quickly befriended a well-dressed lady. When he asked her to move in with them… we found out that she had a daughter. Who was a teenager. Who was happy to join the household without her mother.

“Moving in a teen Sim isn’t that bad,” said my Moral Compass. “It’s not like on your second play-through, when you used this same loophole to move in a child for your Founder to raise as his wife.”


And so, Keisha joined the family! I adore her big hair. Something about it and her golden sweater made me see Entertainment in her future.

05-01-15_5-50 PM

We soon had a problem paying the bills again. I didn’t think ahead when Rigoberto reached the top of his Startup career; I rashly upgraded the kitchen and the beds and whathaveyou to the best I could buy. Unfortunately, expensive did not mean unbreakable in the case of the fridge. Or fire-proof in the case of the stove. I spent what little money we had left over to buy a cheap stove and shoved it in an unused square.

05-01-15_6-08 PM

Between Dante (who was now pursuing a career as a mediocre artist) and Evangeline (who had joined the criminal career in hopes of balancing the bad luck surrounding her life), it wasn’t long before the electricity and water were shut off. The pressure was on Ryker and Antony to hurry up and grow up.

06-17-15_9-05 PM

A few days of stench and suffering later, the two celebrated (sans cake), and joined the athletics career as mascots. I dig their uni-llama-sus outfits.

06-17-15_9-11 PM

With four working adults, the bills were paid and a very happy mailman informed us that the water and power were to be turned on again! Hurray!

As part of her job, Evageline had to perform mischief actions. Of, course this meant that when the street was lean with neighbors, her brothers got the tail end of her practical jokes. Poor Dante.

06-17-15_10-06 PM

Keisha grew up and started entertaining. Ryker finally made his move (poor guy had been smitten with her since she moved in!) and they fell in love. It wasn’t long before they had a bouncing babe of their own, little Brice.

07-02-15_7-00 PM-2

Too paranoid to invite anyone to the house, Antony filled the hole in his heart by focusing on his bodybuilding career. He made time to looking after Dante’s fitness, too.

07-01-15_10-48 PM-2

Soon their nephew was helping with that quest, using his annoying nature to motivate Dante to sweat off those pounds!

07-02-15_8-19 PM

The years rolled by. Dante became an old man. Ryker became a Hall of Famer, suddenly allowing the whole family to spend those aspiration points they had accumulated.  He and Keisha had a daughter, named Sally, who looked to the stars and knew just what she wanted to be when she grew up.

But astronauts require a very diverse range of skills. Sally spent most of her childhood playing with the chemistry set… something which often put her whole family, including her unborn baby brother, at risk.

07-10-15_10-54 AM

Her big brother, meanwhile, never outgrew his… annoyingness. He aggravated every Sim he met. I couldn’t stand him. He was destined to be a criminal, and there was no stopping it. Actually, an end to paying off the mafia every time the bills came due would be a huge relief…

07-10-15_10-58 AM

Keisha became a true Show Stopper, a master of the comedic arts. Not that any of that mattered once Little Grady was born and the household hit capacity. Since his elder siblings had already started to hone themselves for their vocations, it only seemed fair that he be the one to tackle this problem. Grady was going to grow up to be a Villain.

07-10-15_11-20 AM

Evangeline’s bad luck almost made her a dead-end. With her life meter at its max, she finally became an Oracle.

07-10-15_9-39 PM

And then she died.

I’m not sure what became of Dante. I think he died in the basement working on one of his “masterpieces”.


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