In our last episode, Ash and Rigo were hitting it off, and neither they nor Dalton had reached the peak of their careers.

Having some money to squander before the mob left me with nothing but pocket lint, I decided to expand the house a bit and build a basement. I managed to get in too floors– the 1st level  is just a wide open room that I plan to use for some small skill items, and maybe some monkey bars. The 2nd level is way cooler.

I built a Dungeon.

04-27-15_12-08 PM

Still trying to contend with the grieving-problem, I needed to get my family urns somewhere the other Sims couldn’t reach them. And thinking of the infamous Painting Trolls of lore, I decided to make a couple “cells” for Sims who had exceeded their role in the family.

04-27-15_12-18 PM

Sorry Trav, but you need to stay in the glass box.

With 7 days till Elderhood, Rigo became a Start Up Genius. As usual, it happened on a Tuesday; I think I may need to change the family name.

According to plan, Dalton was promoted to level 9 the very next day… which means he should be Peaking soon. Next Tuesday.

I decided to take my chances and carefully timed some “quality time” between Rigo and Ash. (Remember, she hasn’t reached the top of Management yet, so she can’t take maturnity leave). With both he and (soon-to-be) Dalton Peaked, I really need some more family members to keep myself from getting bored. Not having to cue 20+ hand-washes and a sink-repair really frees up my time.

And no, the Dungeon is not ready for habitation yet

When Sunday finally did role around, I spent that week’s earnings on some much-needed house renos. The kitchen got a beautiful overhaul:

04-27-15_6-26 PM

And the family got a the best bed available! Now, if you’re reading along this as you play your own challenge, be warned that this reno brought on some serious troubles for my next generation. I do not recommend it.

Ash Peaked (Business Tycoon), and immediately went into labour. Sheesh! Talk about close timing.

04-27-15_7-35 PM

Meet Dante! … much as I hated the toddler age in Sims 3, they were adorable. I miss tykes in hats.

04-27-15_10-21 PM

Dalton Peaked, and on the following Sunday he didn’t waste any time hopping into the new bathtub!

04-27-15_10-38 PM

Ash and Rigo had a second baby. Little Evangeline — the first girl born to the family, 3rd generation.

04-28-15_12-08 AM-2

Rigo spending some quality time with his daughter.

Since all the adults were peaked, and I would be needing some more Sims to keep myself busy, I figured why not try for a third child?

Rigo died while reading Evangeline a story. The child is likely scarred for life.

04-28-15_12-16 AM

Dante tried to cheer her up with some chess. Not sure it worked.

04-28-15_12-22 AM

Shortly thereafter, Ash went into labour for the third time…

04-28-15_12-28 AM

Twins were not what I had planned for. Their names are Ryker and Antony. And they are adorable.

04-28-15_12-41 PM

It wasn’t long before Dalton followed his brother into the afterlife. Poor Eva. She had barely gotten over her dad dying in front of her, and then her uncle goes and croaks during a chess game. I decided then that she was going to become an Oracle (because something Supernatural is going on around her).

04-29-15_4-43 PM

04-30-15_4-20 PM

Dante and Eva, now teens. Don’t worry, I cancelled that drink order right after taking the picture.

Since I had an “extra” Sim this generation, I decided that Dante would go into the babysitting career. By the time the twins became teens, he should have Peaked, and I would be able to choose some useful aspirations for them.

Ash died while the kids were at school.
05-01-15_10-50 AM

The twins aged up, and I knew as soon as I saw their chosen outfits that these boys were going to be athletes.
05-01-15_11-18 AM05-01-15_11-16 AM

Dante shortly grew up, and it was time to recruit another member to the family. But THAT little adventure is for the next Episode.


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