First off, sorry for the rather long and unannounced disappearance on my part. I moved, and am only just getting to the point where I can pick up my hobbies again. If you care to know more about the situation, you can go read the comic I made about it on Monsters and Molecules. Now, without further ado, what’s new with with my Apocalypse family?!

The Apocalypse truly seems to be taking its toll on the community. I noticed something strange roaming the neighborhood, multiple something’s, even. Children. As far as the eye could see. 04-26-15_10-56 PM I was so surprised by the sudden abundance that I used my omnipotent powers to take a peek at the world’s household management. None of the children had families. The world was full of orphans. I should have guessed that this could be a possibility, seeing as how neither of my boys (Rigo and Dalton) had reached adulthood before joining the orphan club. But REALLY? None of these orphans even had teenagers to look out for them, they were completely alone. … I wonder if it would be against the rules to set up an Orphanage… it could be handy, in times when the child population is lean and you have a Social Butterfly in the house. By afternoon, only elder Sims roamed the streets, punctuated periodically by the occasional YA male. 04-26-15_11-01 PM I may look into completing the Oracle career sooner rather than later (to plop into existence a Sim of the desired sex to further the family line), but  first I needed to find a lady to neutralize all of the testosterone in this house! I was looking for a teen– I know that sounds creepy, but hear me out. One of the boys would befriend her to the point where she visited every day. Then we’d wait until she aged up and voila, ask her to move in. By having only just turned into a YA, she would have plenty of time to reach the top of her career. After several days of waiting (hovering over the neighborhood like a hawk waiting for prey), a teenage girl strolled by. Rigo ran out to greet her, and they talked late into the night. I tried to move her in then and there (I can try, can’t I?) but the game wouldn’t allow it. I just have to hope their friendship is enough to lure her back… 04-26-15_11-50 PM What is with this girl and only showing up at night? She and Rigo became best friends, only then did we find out she’s Evil. That should pair nicely with Rigo’s Good trait… not. I had forgotten that you can Research on the computer to spark moods like “Inspiration”! This will help Dalton pursue his Journalism career immensely– and the sooner Rigo can have a shower, the better! 04-27-15_5-23 PM I had been playing for a while, and I wanted to achieve something before calling it quits for the night. I decided to invite the first YA female I saw to join the household. She may not reach the top of her career, but at least the family will continue. Meet Ashleigh Orlando, fellow Good Sim! 04-27-15_12-09 AM

04-27-15_12-13 AM

Though any relationship with her nearly ended before it started. Rigo REALLY needs to bathe.

Turns out she was good in many ways! She already had levels in almost a dozen different skills, and was only a couple of days into her young adulthood!

04-27-15_10-24 AM

Rigo and Ash’s hobbies include playing chess together and mourning Travis’s death.

Remembering a comment made by Judith129, and the family’s most recent financial troubles due to Tamyrn having to quit work for the boys, I decided to start Ashleigh out in the Business Management career. That way (once she peaked it), she could continue working even when preggers.

04-27-15_5-57 PM

The stove caught fire. The boys fled the house AFTER Ash put it out.

I don’t know if it was because she was starting at level 1, that the business career is insanely easy, or that “bored” is secretly the magic mood, but Ashleigh very nearly earned herself a promotion on her first day of work.

04-27-15_11-21 AM-2

Rigo and Ashleigh, tense from work but nothing a quick game of Blicblock won’t fix!

On the other hand, I find Journalism to be insanely difficult. It plummets the moods (which are brutal to pick up again, when the items necessary to satisfy your Sims’ most basic needs are locked), and the daily task (interview people and then write articles) is time consuming. At least I know that Dalton will peak after Rigo, so we’ll be able to immediately get the best showers available!

04-27-15_11-21 AM

Dalton will be lucky if he makes it to bed. No daily tasks for him tonight 😦

04-27-15_11-19 AM  Mourning Travis’s urn became a serious problem. I watched Ash leave the house and make it as far as the sidewalk on her way to work. I went to check on Rigo, who was doing some quick research to get in a logical mood before heading out as well. Next thing I know, there’s Ash. Crying over Travis’ urn. She didn’t even know him! 04-27-15_11-52 AM Ash and Rigo hit it off as she was practicing her charisma! Hurray! Now to just get them to the top of their careers and roll in the next generation of Neighborhood Heroes…


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