Sims 4 and the Apocalypse #2

Hello again! Time for an update on my poor Apocalypse family.

Something that I love about the Sims is, no matter how many times you play through the “same” story, it always finds new ways to surprise you. As this is my sixth (give or take) attempt at this challenge, I really thought I had things figured out. Everything went swimmingly for my founding generation; both Tamryn and Travis managed to reach the peak of their careers (chef and eSport, respectively). Their sons, Rigoberto (Rigo) and Dalton were doing well with their studies…

And then Travis died.

04-21-15_5-17 PM

Is it just me, or is that Sim on Death’s tablet wearing scuba gear?

04-21-15_5-38 PM-2

The next morning, Nina Caliente (who was not friends with anyone in the household) swung by to die in the front yard. Her expression reminds me of one of those “shamed pet” photos.


Despite Travis and Tamryn making up for lost time in those final days, she really didn’t seem phased by her husbands passing. No time to grieve in the Apocalypse, I suppose.

Since I hadn’t been very good at counting the days for a safe (aka, no-risk-of-losing-your-job) pregnancy, Tamryn had to quit her job as Celebrity Chef when she had Rigo. Now that Travis was gone, so was their only form of income. To help fend off the mob, she took up a Business job that she worked at until her dying day.

04-21-15_6-00 PM

04-21-15_5-52 PM-2

Shortly after their mother passed, Dalton aged up. He is the spitting image of his father, sweater and all.


Now that they’re both teens, the boys spend as much of their time as possible working on the skills that will help them later in life. Unfortunately, Tamryn’s short time working did not earn enough to pay the bills, and the boys were hard pressed. Rigo tried hacking and doing freelance work, but 48 hours later, the worst happened.


The power was shut off. This meant that neither Rigo nor Dalton could work on their skills! Rigo was still days away from becoming an adult. Another 24 hours went by, and their water was shut off too.

On a sidenote, can I mention how much I LOVE this new spin to bills on The Sims? It is not only more realistic than the repo-man, but way more fun to play with.

04-21-15_7-35 PM

Finally, stinky and sick to death of socializing with his younger brother, Rigo grew up. He took a job in the Tech career, and earned enough money to pay the bills. (Here’s a tip: if your Sim does well enough in high school to start their adult careers at level 3, they will get ALL of their promotional bonuses for those levels immediately upon starting their job!).

04-22-15_5-05 PM

Of course, things can’t seem to go well for these two brothers for more than it takes them to sleep. The kitchen caught fire on Tuesday (why is it ALWAYS A TUESDAY?!) which meant they had to eat salads for the next 5 days. Here’s to hoping they continue to get promoted, at that the overly-male population of their neighborhood evens out long enough for them to find a “roommate”.



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